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Frank Grossmann and Alexander Horn will be attending the 2015 American Association of Individual Investors conference (AAII conference) in Las Vegas and they would love to meet you there. Our workshop is on Monday, November 9 and will have the following topics:

conferenceimage2015-lc American Association of Individual Investors


With hundreds of ETFs available, how can the individual investor successfully manage a portfolio? Logical Invest has developed algorithms that create alpha and reduce market exposure with simple, well-researched monthly ETF rotation strategies. These strategies protect your account with crash protection via U.S.Treasuries and harvest a “fear premium” from inverse volatility. These rotation strategies can be brought together with adaptive allocation in a custom-made portfolio right for each investor.

You Will Learn:
– The key elements—and most common traps—of constructing your self-managed portfolio
– How to build in a well-balanced crash protection mechanism into your strategies














Learn more about the American Association of Individual Investors conference:

With over 25 speakers and 30 investor workshops, the AAII Investor Conference provides the ideas, tools and information necessary to succeed in today’s investment marketplace!

ATTENDEES WILL LEARN HOW TO: Pick Winning Stocks… Develop Successful Asset Allocation Strategies… Gain Income Investing Ideas… Become an Educated Computerized Investor… Learn Portfolio Protection… Select Mutual Funds…
And much more…


  • New income investing approaches for a low-yield environment
  • Winning stock selection methods
  • Ways to make your retirement nest egg last longer
  • How to build an asset allocation designed to meet your needs
  • Valuable insights into the economy and coming economic cycles
  • Plus insightful ways to select and invest in today’s best mutual funds and ETFs
  • Financial planning, portfolio management, small-cap opportunities and much more…

Beyond our speakers, we offer all attendees one-on-one time in our exhibit hall to preview new tools for investors and try out some products that might offer you deeper insights into solving those tough investment questions. Our 2015 exhibitors also offer workshops featuring either a demo of their product or a focused presentation of their industry. All in all, the exhibit hall will give you ideas and new concepts to take home and use.

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